Gordon Long Restroom and Trailhead Improvements

The City of Fayetteville recently completed construction on improvements to the Gordon Long Park Trailhead. This project included the expansion of existing parking with 12 new parking spaces and construction of a restroom building. The building contains two separate restrooms, each with two stalls and sinks. There is a water fountain on the building as well as a free-standing fountain next to the bike racks on the trail. All improvements are fully accessible for users of all abilities. Low impact development features were incorporated into the planning and include a bio-swale to filter the parking lot drainage, permeable pavers to allow storm water to infiltrate into the soil minimizing run off, and an educational demonstration exhibit of how the pavers perform.

Gordon Long Park is located at 2800 North Gregg Avenue at the intersection of Drake St. and Gregg Ave. along the Scull Creek trail that is now a segment of the Razorback Greenway. This section of trail sees an average of 600 trail users per day and usage steadily continues to increase. The significant number of trail and park users at Gordon Long Park has demonstrated the need for these expanded facilities and access opportunities. The restroom filled a gap that existed in the spacing of restrooms along the Greenway in Fayetteville. The completed sequence of public restroom amenities in Fayetteville from north to south will be: Lake Fayetteville Veteran's Memorial Park, 3.5 miles to Gordon Long Park, 2.5 miles to Wilson Park, and then 2.4 miles to Walker Park near the current southern terminus of the Greenway.

This project was funded with a $260,000 Transportation Alternatives Grant (TAP) administered through the Arkansas Department of Transportation, $38,604 in funding from the Illinois River Watershed Partnership, and the remainder of the funding from the trail development capital improvement program.