City Plan 2030

Fulbright Transformation Concept Drawing of street lined with trees and buildings in the area
City Plan 2030 was adopted unanimously by the Fayetteville City Council in July 2011 and serves as Fayetteville's comprehensive land use plan, which establishes a vision for what Fayetteville can achieve.
Public Participation
Two public input sessions were held in October 2010 and 1 was hosted live on the internet in a webinar format so that stakeholders could participate from an alternative location if they couldn't be present. At each session, participants gathered around base maps of the city and worked in small groups to present an answer to specific questions.
A woman points to a map layed out on a table with people seated at the table and looking at the map
In 2030, Fayetteville will be a resource-efficient community, in which citizens and stakeholders can live, work, learn and grow. Fayetteville will have adopted policies to achieve sustainability, to provide economic growth, to preserve and protect our natural and cultural resources, and to enhance the quality of life for all residents. All members of our community will have equitable access to neighborhoods that are healthy, walkable and distinct.
Red Arrow Neighborhood drawing from top-down perspective of city blocks and building